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Call for tenders

Ex-Ante publication of call for tender 2016 ECFIN 005/L

Ex-Ante publication of Call for Tender concerning the provision of a legal opinion on tax exemption of the EU and the Euatom under US jurisdiction.


Publication date



28 March 2016, 24:00 (CET)


DG ECFIN  intends to launch a low value negotiated call for tender in order to conclude a contract with a legal firm or lawyer.

The scope of the contract is as follows :

The European Commission requires the assistance of an external legal counsel qualified in US law to provide legal advice with respect to US tax legislation.

The purpose of the invitation to tender will be to conclude a contract for a legal opinion as to whether the EU and the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) are tax exempt under the jurisdiction of the United States, which taxes are covered by such exemption, and to indicate which provisions award such tax exemption.

In case the legal opinion does not confirm an existing exemption, advice should be given how to obtain such tax exemption.

Estimated volume of work: 1 month


If you are interested in participating in this call for tender please send an e-mail to before midnight, Central European Time on 28th March 2016.