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Pre-information notice for a low value contract - Study on: Explaining the low level of investment in Slovenia - reference Call 2020 ECFIN 006/F

The Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN) is planning to award a contract for a study on “Explaining the low level of investment in Slovenia”.


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Slovenia was impacted severely by both the financial crisis and the sovereign debt crisis. The economic downturn resulted in a slump in business investment, which declined from about 15%-17% of GDP in the period 2000-2005, to 10%-11% of GDP during the last years (2010-2018). This level is rather low for an economy that aims to converge with the EU average (in 2018, business investment was 11,75% of GDP for Slovenia and 12,82% of GDP for the EU28). Inward foreign direct investment (FDI), a key driver of productivity growth in a small open economy like Slovenia, also remains comparatively low.

In this context, the objective of this research project is to provide a detailed mapping of private investment in Slovenia and to understand relevant strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

The project comprises of a study and a workshop. A draft report of the study will be presented at a workshop with local and international experts, in order to validate its analyses and findings. The study should cover as a minimum the following issues (candidates might have additional suggestions).

  • Analysis at macro and industry level from a cross-country perspective (to this end, it will be necessary to identify Member States with a comparable economic development or neighbour countries for which the necessary information is available).
    • Analysis of main investment trends, distinguishing: (i) sectors where investment is comparatively high / low; (ii) the relevant asset types.
    • Analysis of FDI flows and stocks and categorisation of the different forms that investments take (e.g. green field, merger and acquisition, management buyout, expansion / replacement, high-tech / low-tech).
  • In depth empirical analysis at industry and firm level, focused on Slovenia.
    • Identification of the main drivers of and barriers / obstacles to investment in Slovenia (following methodologies developed in relevant theoretical and empirical literature).
    • Analysis of the performance of FDI vis-à-vis the performance of local investment.
    • Description of the role of EU funds and their impact on the level and structure of private investment in Slovenia.
  • Identification and analysis of causes of the relatively low level of private investment in Slovenia (e.g. labour force and labour market regulation, market size, regulatory / administrative barriers, role of state-owned enterprises, financing).

The project requires country specific knowledge (ideally, knowledge of the Slovenian language), access to data and the capability to process it, including economic modelling. Candidates should be able to identify and access data sources relevant to the project and of interacting with key industry participants and stakeholders for gathering information.

The duration of the project is set at approximately 10 months. The budget is around 37 000 EUR.

DG ECFIN intends to provide candidates with the tender specifications containing full details in the course of March 2020.

If you would like to be considered for this contract and to receive the tender specifications, please send your contact details to the following e-mail address: at the latest by 2 March 2020 14:00 CET, clearly mentioning in the subject line of the e-mail: “Call 2020 ECFIN 006/F”.

Only requests sent to the aforementioned mailbox will be considered. Requests sent to other mailboxes or directly to Commission staff cannot be accepted. Further enquiries or questions may also be addressed to this mailbox. Candidates are reminded that at this stage no further details on the tender specifications can be communicated.

This invitation/notice is in no way binding on the European Commission. The Commission’s contractual obligation commences only upon signature of the contract with the successful candidate. Up to the point of signature, DG ECFIN may either abandon the procurement or cancel the award procedure, without the candidates being entitled to claim any compensation. Candidates will be notified.