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Portugal - Council for Productivity

The Council for Productivity was established on 20 March 2018 by a joint dispatch from the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Economy. The Portuguese authorities chose to create a joint temporary structure, drawing on the knowledge of two institutions that already carry out research in the field of productivity and have experience with policy analysis and participation in international forums:

  • the Office for Economic Policy and International Affairs (GPEARI) of the Ministry of Finance
  • the Office of Strategy and Studies (GEE) of the Ministry of Economy

Coordination of the structure will switch annually between the two institutions. The functioning of the Board will be reviewed and evaluated after two years.

The Council for Productivity is in charge of monitoring public policies in the field of productivity. It also analyses the effects of public policies with an impact on productivity in Portugal, with the aim of improving measures already implemented and defining new policies in areas such as innovation, investment, human capital adequacy or competitive capacity in international markets.

The Council also promotes initiatives fostering a broader public debate among civil society and other stakeholders.

Annual productivity reports

13 NOVEMBER 2019
Productivity of the Portuguese Economy – Report 2019

Other publications

2 MARCH 2022
Portugal – Council for Productivity – Working paper series