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Economy and Finance

Slovenia – Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development

The Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development (IMAD) is an independent government office with a long tradition. Its Director answers directly to the President of Slovenia. IMAD performs the following tasks:

  • it monitors and analyses current trends and development in its economic, social and environmental dimensions based on the national development objectives
  • it monitors and analyses the achievements of the development objectives of the country and prepares annual reports on development
  • it prepares macroeconomic forecasts that serve as the basis for budgetary planning and formulating economic policy measures
  • it prepares expert groundwork for the formulation of economic policy orientations and measures
  • it carries out research work

In April 2018, the Slovenian Government extended the scope of the Institute’s work to include those of the National Productivity Board. IMAD has been analysing productivity and competitiveness trends for over 10 years.

All studies, forecasts and analyses are published and available for the public on the website.

Annual productivity reports

12 JUNE 2023
Slovania - Productivity Report 2023
(114.5 KB - PDF)
1 JANUARY 2022
Slovenia – Productivity Reports 2022 (executive summary)
(86.17 KB - PDF)
21 MARCH 2022
Slovenia - Productivity Report 2021
(61.94 KB - HTML)
22 JANUARY 2021
Slovenia - Productivity Report 2020
(46.11 KB - HTML)
12 JUNE 2019
Slovenia - Productivity report 2019
(2.46 MB - PDF)