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Economy and Finance

Fiscal surveillance in Croatia

Assessments of Croatia's convergence programme

As required by the Stability and Growth Pact, each spring Croatia submits a convergence programme which presents an update of the medium-term fiscal strategy.

Based on an assessment by the Commission prepared by DG ECFIN, the Council adopts an opinion on the programme and country-specific recommendations in the scope of the European Semester.

Euro area Member States submit stability programmes while countries outside the euro area submit convergence programmes.

23 MAY 2018
Assessment of the 2018 Convergence Programme for Croatia
23 MAY 2017
Assessment of the 2017 Convergence Programme for Croatia
26 MAY 2016
Assessment of the 2016 Convergence Programme for Croatia
27 MAY 2015
Assessment of the 2015 Convergence Programme for Croatia

The EU Excessive Deficit Procedure and Croatia