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The first six months of SURE

Taking stock of the first 6 months of the European Instrument for Temporary Support to Mitigate Unemployment Risks in an Emergency (SURE)

The Commission assessment of the impact of SURE, the €100 billion instrument designed to protect jobs and incomes affected by the #coronavirus crisis, was published on 22 March. The report took stock of the first 6 months of the SURE programme. 


The Commission report found that SURE supported between 25 and 30 million people in 2020. This represents around one quarter of the people employed in the 18 beneficiary Member States and offers an example of what solidarity can deliver for citizens.

Supported workers

The Commission has so far proposed over €90 billion under SURE to Member States to support work- and health-related actions and mitigate the negative impacts of the #coronavirus pandemic.


The SURE Programme has helped ensure that the increase in unemployment in the beneficiary Member States during the crisis has been significantly smaller than during the global financial crisis, despite them experiencing a larger drop in GDP.