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Economy and Finance

Graphs on economic topics

Every week, the Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs publishes a graphic consisting mostly but not exclusively of charts, maps or general information about a current economic topic.


28/05/2019 The European Semester: country-specific economic policy recommendations

26/03/2019 EU-wide progress on tackling euro coin counterfeiting in 2018

27/02/2019 Progress of Member States  in implementing the Country-Specific Recommendations (CSRs)


08/11/2018 Autumn 2018 Economic Forecast: sustained but less dynamic growth amid high uncertainty

25/10/2018 Investment Plan for Europe: The Juncker Plan’s impact in the real economy
12/07/2018 Summer 2018 Interim Economic Forecast: Resilient growth amid increased uncertainty
03/05/2018 Spring 2018 Economic Forecast: Expansion to continue, amid new risks
20/04/2018 Reducing global imbalances
21/03/2018 The EIPP connects project promoter based in the EU and potential investors worldwide
15/03/2018 EU-wide progress on tackling euro coin counterfeiting in 2017
07/03/2018 European Semester 2018: macroeconomic imbalances and government deficits
28/02/2018 The European Semester: Analysing countries' economies
07/02/2018 Winter 2018 Interim Economic Forecast: A solid and lasting expansion
06/02/2018 EU Public finances have improved
22/01/2018 Automatic stabilisers: taxes and benefits
12/01/2018 Which fiscal policy instruments are most effective at reducing income equality?


12/12/2017 Extension of the European Fund for Strategic Investments – EFSI 2.0
17/11/2017 The European Semester: Setting priorities
09/11/2017 Autumn 2017 Economic Forecast: continued growth in a changing policy context
26/10/2017 Investment in EU Member States
20/10/2017 The European Semester: Draft budgetary plans
12/10/2017 Euro area business investment rate on the rise
05/10/2017 The Investment plan for Europe
28/09/2017 Doing business indicator
21/09/2017 Macro-Financial Assistance (MFA)
18/07/2017 What's driving inflation in the euro area
11/07/2017 European Semester, July 2017: abrogation of the Excessive Deficit Procedure for Greece
5/07/2017 Euro area unemployment lowest since March 2009
28/06/2017 Economic sentiment at near ten-year high
21/06/2017 The European Investment Project Portal (EIPP): using the portal is now easier than ever.
15/06/2017 European economy publications in numbers
08/06/2017 Brussels Economic Forum 2017 in numbers
19/05/2017 European Semester - Situation May 2017
17/05/2017 What's behind the 1.7% growth forecast for the euro area in 2017?
11/05/2017 Spring 2017 Economic Forecast: steady growth ahead
10/02/2017 Economic Forecast Lab
03/05/2017 The integration of the Baltic economies
19/04/2017 What affects export performance
05/04/2017 How Non-Performing Loans hurt the economy
29/03/2017 Ireland: 6th post-programme surveillance report
24/03/2017 How to encourage investment in intangible assets
13/03/2017 Protecting the euro against counterfeiting
08/03/2017 The EU Invest Portal (EIPP)
03/03/2017 Euro area inflation returning to more normal levels
24/02/2017 European Semester 2017: macroeconomic imbalances and government deficits
13/02/2017 Winter 2017 Economic Forecast: Navigating through choppy waters
24/01/2017 Pension reforms in the EU
24/01/2017 What weakens public debt sustainability


19/12/2016 Nurturing growth in the euro area
12/12/2016 Economic inequality on the rise
30/11/2016 The Investment Plan For Europe
25/11/2016 Job growth to continue without stoking inflation in the euro area
16/11/2016 A positive fiscal stance for the euro area
09/11/2016 Autumn 2016 Economic Forecast: Modest growth in challenging times
26/10/2016 Implementation of Greece's Stability Support programme
21/10/2016 European Fiscal Board
07/10/2016 Fiscal Sustainability of Health Care and Long-term Care Systems
29/09/2016 Efficient hospital spending in the EU
22/09/2016 National Productivity Boards
19/09/2016 EFSI extension until 2020
09/09/2016 What Makes A Good "Bad Bank" ?
20/07/2016 Cross-border labour mobility in the euro area
14/07/2016 Cross-border financial instruments in the euro area
06/07/2016 A closer look at flexicurity in the labour market – Denmark's experience
22/06/2016 Greenfield investment in the EU
16/06/2016 Brussels Economic Forum in numbers
08/06/2016 Comparing EU insolvency frameworks
01/06/2016 How do leading R&D companies decide where to invest?
18/05/2016 European Semester - Situation May 2016
11/05/2016 How unemployment in the EU is expected to change by 2017
03/05/2016 Spring 2016 Economic Forecast: Staying the course amid high risks
27/04/2016 Stability, Convergence and National Reform Programmes of EU Member States
13/04/2016 The G20 and the EU
06/04/2016 Euro area employment trends
16/03/2016 How sustainable are public finances in the EU?
09/03/2016 Macroeconomic imbalances and government deficits
02/03/2016 The importance of intangible investment
24/02/2016 Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure
17/02/2016 Protecting the euro against counterfeiting
11/02/2016 Housing markets in the EU
04/02/2016 Winter 2016 Economic Forecast: Weathering new challenges
26/01/2016 Fiscal Sustainability Report 2015
20/01/2016 Ireland: 4th post-programme surveillance report
12/01/2016 Export performance of euro area Countries


16/12/2015 Public Finances 2015
09/12/2015 The role of equity in financing the economy
01/12/2015 What factors will drive economic growth in the euro area in 2016?
26/11/2015 Euro area recommendation
09/11/2015 Eurobarometer survey: Support for the euro is on the rise
05/11/2015 EU Economic Forecast Autumn 2015
27/10/2015 Low inflation in the euro area
21/10/2015 Completing Europe's EMU
13/10/2015 Cyprus: 7th programme review
06/10/2015 € 35 bn for Greece
29/09/2015 Tax reforms in EU Member States 2015 – Tax policy challenges for economic growth and fiscal sustainability
22/09/2015 Household savings in the EU
15/09/2015 Unemployment in the European Union and the euro area
08/09/2015 Evaluating Ireland’s economic adjustment programme
20/07/2015 Economic convergence of Central and Eastern European Member States
15/07/2015 Investment perspectives in electricity markets
10/07/2015 How services can boost competitiveness and manufacturing exports
24/06/2015 A boost for investment in Europe
12/06/2015 Assessing economic reform programmes in the Western Balkans and Turkey
05/06/2015 Efficiency of EU health care systems
01/06/2015 Effects of ageing on Member States public finances by 2060
26/05/2015 What’s influencing GDP growth in the euro area?
18/05/2015 Ageing report – Population projections in EU Member States
12/05/2015 2015 Ageing report infographic
05/05/2015 Spring 2015 EU Economic Forecast Infographic
27/04/2015 China's reforms, Time To Walk the Talk
23/04/2015 The euro, commemorative coins and the 2015 coin design competition
13/04/2015 What’s wrong with property taxation in the EU?
07/04/2015 A look at economic sentiment in the euro area
30/03/2015 Why are investment levels in the EU so weak?
23/03/2015 Protecting the euro against counterfeiting
16/03/2015 The EU’s position in international trade
09/03/2015 European Semester 2015 - Progress on the implementation of reforms
02/03/2015 European Semester 2015 - Macroeconomic imbalances and government deficits
23/02/2015 Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure explained
16/02/2015 How the euro’s depreciation is affecting the EU economy
09/02/2015 The impact of falling oil prices on the EU economy
05/02/2015 European Economic Forecast – Winter 2015
26/01/2015 Inequality in the EU
19/01/2015 Structural reforms and GDP in the euro area - the benefits of acting together
12/01/2015 Investment in the EU


22/12/2014 Lithuania joining the Euro
15/12/2014 Fiscal consolidation in the EU
08/12/2014 The Net International Investment Position
28/11/2014 Macroeconomic package
17/11/2014 Current accounts and house prices in the Alert Mechanism Report
10/11/2014 Excessive Deficit Procedure explained
04/11/2014 Autumn 2014 European Economic Forecast infographic
27/10/2014 7 out of 10 euro area citizens think the euro is good for the EU
20/10/2014 Main euro cash legislation
13/10/2014 Tax reforms in the EU
07/10/2014 Poland's success story
29/09/2014 Facts and figures about the euro
22/09/2014 Market reforms at work
15/09/2014 Ireland's economic recovery
08/09/2014 Inflation in the EU
01/09/2014 Greece’s fiscal performance 2009-2013
25/08/2014 Euro area international trade in goods
18/08/2014 Public spending in the EU before and after the crisis
11/08/2014 Restoring credit is vital for the economy
04/08/2014 The potential GDP gains of structural reforms in Europe
28/07/2014 Support for the euro is growing
22/07/2014 Public finances are improving
07/07/2014 The Economic Climate Tracer
30/06/2014 Energy efficiency developments in the EU
23/06/2014 Excessive Deficit Procedure facts and figures