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2008, The Year of Saint Paul


The inner part of the coin depicts the conversion of Saint Paul on the road to Damascus (the city is visible in the background). The saint, dazzled by a light from the sky, falls from his rearing horse. Two inscriptions are engraved around the portrait; on the left-hand side, there is an inscription denoting the issuing country ‘CITTÀ DEL VATICANO’, on the right-hand side, a reference to the legend ‘ANNO SANCTO PAULO DICATO’ is inscribed. The year ‘2008’ is inscribed to the right of the portrait, as well as the mint mark ‘R’ and the artist's name ‘VEROI’. Beneath the portrait are the initials of the engraver Luciana De Simoni, ‘L.D.S. INC.’.

Subject of commemoration

2008, The Year of Saint Paul

Date of issue


Issuing country

Vatican City

Coin image

2008, The Year of Saint Paul coin

Official Journal

C228 5.09.2008

Issuing volume