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The coin depicts the Ggantija Temples situated on the Island of Gozo. Ggantija is a megalithic temple complex dating to the Neolithic ages. It is one of the world's oldest free-standing structures, as well as one of the oldest religious structures. Built approximately in the 36th century BC, Ggantija pre-dates Stonehenge and the Egyptian Pyramides. At the top right the inscription "GGANTIJA TEMPLES" and underneath the years "3600-3200 BC". At the bottom left the name of the country of issuance "MALTA" and underneath the year of issuance "2016", flanked by the mint master mark and the pint mark.
The coin’s outer ring depicts the 12 stars of the European flag.

Subject of commemoration

Ggantija Temples

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Ggantija Temples coin

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