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The coin is dedicated to Peace among nations and to friendly and mutually beneficial coexistence. The search for peace must sit on a collective effort towards a common purpose. In the current highly polarized geopolitical context, this coin is aimed to help remind of the urgence to protect the priceless asset that is peace.

The design radially displays the word «PAZ» (PEACE) in the 16 official idioms spoken in all 20 countries of the Euro Zone as of January 2023. The inscription at the top reads «PORTUGAL», followed by the year of issuance «2023» at the top right; at the top left is the name of the designer “José S. Teixeira” and at the left the mintmark «CASA DA MOEDA», the name of the Portuguese Mint.

Subject of commemoration


Date of issue

November 2023

Issuing country


Coin image

Portugal Peace 2023

Offical Journal


Issuing volume

1 015 000