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Samogitia (Lithuanian Etnographic Regions)


The design features a bear standing on its hind legs, with a chain collar on the neck. It has been depicted on the coat of arms of Samogitia since the 16th century. The bear is situated against a shield topped with a crown, which is held by an armoured soldier (a symbol of courage, sacrifice and patriotism) and a goddess with an anchor (a symbol of hope). Below is a Latin inscription ‘PATRIA UNA’ (one fatherland). The design is surrounded by the inscriptions ‘LIETUVA’ (Lithuania) and ‘ŽEMAITIJA’ (Samogitia), the year of issuance ‘2019’ and the mintmark of the Lithuanian Mint.

Subject of commemoration

Samogitia (Lithuanian Etnographic Regions)

Date of issue


Issuing country


Coin image

Samogitia (Lithuanian Etnographic Regions)

Official Journal

2019/C 351/10

Issuing volume