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Saxony (“Federal States” (Bundesländer) series)


The design shows a view from the inner yard of the world-famous Dresden Zwinger to the Crown Gate. The inner part also features the name “SACHSEN” and the issuing country’s country code “D” at the bottom, the mint mark of the respective mint (“A”, “D”, “F”, “G” or “J”) as well as the engraver’s mark (the initials “JT” – Jordi Truxa) right at the top and the year “2016” left at the top.

Subject of commemoration

Saxony (“Federal States” (Bundesländer) series)

Date of issue


Issuing country


Coin image

Saxony (“Federal States” (Bundesländer) series) coin

Official Journal

C 428 19.12.2015

Issuing volume