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UNESCO: Garajonay National Park


The Garajonay National Park is situated in the middle of the island of La Gomera in the Canary Islands archipelago, was registered on the World Heritage Sites list for being an outstanding well-preserved example of laurisilva (Laurel forest), an exceptional ecosystem of the living remnant of the old rainforests and warm temperate forests that occupied much of Europe and North Africa during the Tertiary.

The coin depicts a view of the “Roque de Agando” and a detail of the “Laurisilva forest”. On the upper right hand and in capital letters are the word “ESPAÑA” and the year of minting “2022”. At the top on the right hand side is the mint mark.

Subject of commemoration

UNESCO: Garajonay National Park

Date of issue

First quarter 2022

Issuing country


Coin image

UNESCO: Garajonay National Park

Official Journal

2022/C 484/10

Issuing volume

1 000 000 coins