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Bundeslander series – Thuringia

The design shows Wartburg Castle, the first German castle to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The inner part also features the name “THÜRINGEN” and the issuing country’s country code “D” at the bottom, the mint mark of the respective mint (“A”, “D”, “F”, “G” or “J”) as well as the...

Taking care of our seniors

The subject of the coin “CUIDEM LA NOSTRA GENT GRAN” (taking care of our seniors) is symbolized by the image of the hand of a young person holding another hand that shows all the signs of aging, with a stethoscope below them.

The 90th anniversary of President Jacques Chirac’s birth

President of the French Republic for two terms, Jacques Chirac was a major architect of the European construction. As such, he was President when the Euro was introduced in 2002, whose 20th anniversary we celebrate at the beginning of this year.

10 years of euro cash - Austria

The Euro-sign in the centre of the coin shows that the Euro has become an element of particular importance in Europe as well all over the world as the Euro evolved to a global player in the international monetary system in the last 10 years.