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Tisková zpráva29. března 2022Brusel

Commission disburses €2.17 billion under SURE to Hungary, Poland and Portugal

The European Commission has today disbursed €2.17 billion to three EU Member States in the eighth instalment of financial support under the SURE instrument. As part of today's operations, Hungary has received €147 million, Poland €1.5 billion and Portugal €523 million. Commissioner Johannes Hahn, in charge of Budget and Administration, said: “After eight bond issuances under SURE, we have provided nearly €92 billion to 19 Member States. These funds will help protect people's jobs, support companies across and ultimately mitigate the adverse consequences of the pandemic across our Union.” Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni, Commissioner for Economy, said: “With these further disbursements, SURE continues to support employees and firms in Hungary, Poland and Portugal. SURE remains an outstanding example of the difference that common EU action can make for our citizens in times of crisis.” These SURE loans will assist the three Member States in addressing sudden increases in public expenditure to preserve employment following the coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, they will help the Member States cover the costs directly related to the financing of national short-time work schemes, and other similar measures that they have put in place as a response to the coronavirus pandemic, including for the self-employed. Today's disbursements follow the issuance of a 15-year bond, worth 2.17 billion, under SURE on 22 March. With this SURE disbursement, the EU has provided €91.8 billion in back-to-back loans under the scheme. All EU Member States which have asked to benefit from the scheme have received part or all of the requested amount. The overview of the amounts disbursed so far is available online, as are the full amounts per Member State. Overall, 19 EU Member States are due to receive a total of €94.4 billion in financial support under SURE, following approval by the Council of the European Union based on a Commission proposal. Other Member States can submit requests to receive support under SURE, which can still provide €5.6 billion in financial assistance. The SURE instrument, set up in 2020 to protect jobs and support families affected by the pandemic, has been a key part of the EU's response to the COVID-19 crisis. (For more information: Balazs Ujvari - Tel.: +32 229 54578; Veerle Nuyts - Tel.: +32 229 96302; Claire Joawn - Tel.: +32 229 56859; Andrea Masini - Tel.: +32 229 91519)


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29. března 2022
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