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Publications prepared by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs. See publications before July 2015. See an overview of ECFIN publication series.

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  • Scientific paper
  • Lucian Briciu, Lukas Vogel, Stefan Hohberger, Luca Onorante, Beatrice Pataracchia, Marco Ratto, Generaldirektoratet för ekonomi och finans

The ECB Strategy Review - Implications for the Space of Monetary Policy

This paper analyses two central elements of the ECB’s 2021 monetary policy strategy review in an estimated open-economy structural macroeconomic (DSGE) model of the euro area: (1) explicit symmetry of the 2% inflation target, and (2) commitment to persistent monetary accommodation...

  • Scientific paper
  • Philipp Pfeiffer, János Varga, Jan in ’t Veld, Generaldirektoratet för ekonomi och finans

Unleashing Potential: Model-Based Reform Benchmarking for EU Member States

The paper quantifies the potential macroeconomic impact of structural reforms in the EU Member States employing a benchmarking approach, closing half the observed gaps in structural indicators.

  • Scientific paper
  • Gergő Motyovszki, Generaldirektoratet för ekonomi och finans

The Fiscal Effects of Terms-of-Trade-Driven Inflation

This paper presents simulations with the Commission’s QUEST model to examine whether rising inflation stemming from a terms-of-trade deterioration could reduce public debt-to-GDP ratios.

  • Report
  • Daniel P. Monteiro, Generaldirektoratet för ekonomi och finans

Macrofinancial Dynamics in a Monetary Union

This paper presents a new macrofinancial general equilibrium model of the euro area economy.

  • Report
  • Sebastian Busch, Ruben Kasdorp, Derck Koolen, Arnaud Mercier, Magdalena Spooner, Generaldirektoratet för ekonomi och finans

The Development of Renewable Energy in the Electricity Market

This paper studies renewable electricity: its development in the past and in the future, public support schemes, alternative purchasing arrangements and its future competitiveness.