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How to add your project

How to submit your project?

You can submit your project online in one of the official languages of the European Union by using the EIPP feature.

In order to ease the validation process of your application, it is highly recommended to submit it in English.

For projects submitted in a language other than English, the European Commission will provide a free translation of your application in English which will also appear on the Portal along with the original version.

5 STEPS to submit a project to the Portal

1. Log in to EIPP

You can log in to EIPP by visiting the homepage. In order to log in you can use an EU Login account.


2. Complete your user profile and accept the Terms and Conditions

To complete your project application, please fill in all the necessary information needed for the user profile and accept the Terms and Conditions. This step is necessary to proceed with the next stages, as shown in the picture below.


3. Declare your organisation

To create your organisation, please enter your organisation name, as well as organisation and administrative details.

If you are a consultant working for several organisations, you can create your clients' organisations and manage their projects. You can consult the list of all your organisations under the tab "My organisation(s)".


4. Create your project

To create a project, fill in the sections: project description, project financing, web links, map view and contact.


5. Submit your project

To submit your project, please make sure that you have filled in all mandatory fields and clicked on the button "submit".


As a final step, click on the button "confirm".


All projects which you have created, no matter their status, are visible under "My project(s)".


Please be aware that you need to submit the appointment letter of the Project Appointed Representative (P.A.R.) before the final publication of the project.

What happens with your project after the submission?

Supporting documents

Once you have submitted your project, the EIPP team starts the screening process. During the screening process, you might be asked to provide additional information (updates, confirmations, documents etc.).

Supporting documents can be uploaded for both organisations and projects in the relevant sections.


Invitations of members

If you are the first individual who has submitted an application for your organisation, you will cover the role of "organisation contributor". Additional members of the organisation can be invited using the appropriate button. New members will receive an email allowing them to log in to the Portal. Organisation members can, among other things, submit new projects or consult saved data.


You can also invite persons to read about your project. An invitation will be sent by email containing a login link. A project reader has a read only access to the specific project.


Publication of your project

Once the screening process is finalised and your project is ready to be published, the EIPP team will inform you about the publication and further steps, if necessary.

Project eligibility

To be admitted for publication on the Portal, your project (or the programme consisting of smaller projects) must:

  • have a minimum total cost of €1 million;
  • fall under one of the pre-determined high-economic-value-added sectors defined. The promoters may choose up to two sectors per project from a pre-defined list of 25 sectors;
  • the project shall be implemented on the territory of the European Union. Cross-border projects with non-EU countries can also be accepted under the condition that a part of the total investment takes place in at least one of the EU countries;
  • the promoter shall be a legal entity established in a Member State and shall not be subject to insolvency proceedings;
  • the project shall be compatible with Union law and the law of the relevant Member State and shall not entail legal, reputational or national security risks for the Member State or the Commission;
  • the project implementation shall have commenced or shall be expected to commence within three years of the date of submission to the EIPP;
  • the project shall be clearly described in the project application as an investment project and the information provided therein shall be accurate and shall specify the amount of financing necessary for undertaking the project.

Sectors covered

Knowledge and digital economy

  • Research, development and innovation
  • ICT infrastructure, including broadband
  • Other digital, including content and services

Energy Union

  • Renewable energy production
  • Conventional energy production
  • Energy efficiency
  • Electricity infrastructure
  • Gas infrastructure
  • Fuel extraction and refining
  • Energy R&D


  • Trans-European network
  • Multimodal nodes
  • Urban mobility projects
  • New technologies and transport greening
  • Vehicles and transport systems

Social infrastructure and other

  • Human capital, education and training
  • Health
  • Cultural and creative industries
  • Tourism
  • Social infrastructure, social and solidarity economy

Resources and environment

  • Natural resources
  • Agriculture and rural development, forestry and bio-economy
  • Resource efficiency and environmental protection, blue economy
  • Climate change