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Investors registration guidance

Register as an investor

The registration process starts by clicking on the blue button "Login" in the top right corner of the EIPP website.1

To be able to use all available EIPP features for investors, you need to complete your user profile by filling in all the mandatory fields, marked with an asterisk.

Key features available to registered investors

Dashboard with key relevant info for investors (e.g. projects bookmarked, projects contacted, preferences)


Overview of the full list of projects published including bookmarking feature.


Tailoring of project search preferences to selected interests


Signing up to newsletters and weekly (tailored) notifications of new and updated projects


Direct contact with project promoters and overview of promoters contacted

Download or request available pitch books/ investor decks

1 As a part of the registration process, you need to have an EU LOGIN account which manages all applications developed by the European Commission. Therefore, if you do not already have one, you are automatically redirected to the relevant EU LOGIN page to create an account. In line with the provisions of the EIPP Terms and Conditions, the Site Manager may restrict the access to the EIPP.