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European Growth Model

Towards a green, digital and resilient economy: our European Growth Model

There is a broad consensus on the priorities for the European economic growth model, including the green and digital transitions, and the need to enhance the EU’s economic and social resilience as well as and our preparedness to future shocks. These priorities jointly contribute to the objective of fair and inclusive growth and competitive sustainability.

The European Commission has put forward a Communication on the European Growth Model that recalls the common objectives the EU and its Member States have committed to with respect to the green and digital transition and to strengthening social and economic resilience. The document acknowledges that the European economy is undergoing unprecedented transformations in the context of major uncertainties linked to the global and security outlook and confirms the need to work closely with all relevant actors, including the EU, Member States and the private sector, to reinforce its long-term sustainable growth agenda. To do so, it sets out the key investments and reforms that are required to achieve the EU’s common objectives.

The Communication aims to provide input to the discussions on the European economic growth model, which will take place at the informal European Council meeting of heads of state or government scheduled for 10-11 March 2022.

2 MARCH 2021
Towards a green, digital and resilient economy: our European Growth Model
2 MARCH 2022
Press release of 02 March 2022