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Economy and Finance

Cyprus - Economy and Competitiveness Council

The Cyprus Economy and Competitiveness Council is an independent advisory body, established by a Council of Ministers’ decision in June 2018.  The Council will be carrying out the functions of the national productivity board and its mandate includes the responsibilities foreseen in the relevant Council Recommendation.

The Council is chaired by Mr T. Klerides, a former Minister of Finance of Cyprus. It comprises of nine members in total, eight of which are  from  the business community and  the academia and one member is a Ministry of Finance official. The Council will be operating autonomously and independently,  in full transparency, publishing all its policy recommendations to the government, as well as annual reports on its activities.

It will be carrying out policy analysis, in consultation with key stakeholders and using external experts as necessary, aiming at providing  recommendations to the government for appropriate reforms aiming at enhancing the economy’s competitiveness and productivity.

The Directorate General for European Programmes, Coordination and Development, a government body dealing with growth issues, will act as a Secretariat for the Council and will facilitate access to statistics, studies and reports produced by the public sector, in all thematic areas and sectors.

The Council is currently engaged in stakeholder consultations and is in the process of defining its priority areas of work and developing its work programme.

Annual reports

25. SIJEČNJA 2022.
2021 Cyprus competitiveness report
(6.15 MB - PDF)
1. LIPNJA 2021.
Cyprus' annual report 2020
(1.68 MB - PDF)
13. STUDENOGA 2020.
Cyprus’ annual report 2019
(1.9 MB - PDF)
21. LIPNJA 2019.
2019 Cyprus Competitiveness Report
(6.8 MB - PDF)
11. PROSINCA 2020.
Cyprus' annual report 2018
(892.27 KB - PDF)