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50 years of Universal Female Suffrage


The design of the coin shows a female face inside a wrapper of endless moving lines. These lines are formed by female names in Catalan language close together, making it difficult to read them individually, as a tribute to solidarity of women in the fight for their rights. There is one repeated name only, that of “VICTORIA” and symbolizes the victory of gaining the right to vote.
The inscriptions “50 ANYS DEL SUFRAGI UNIVERSAL FEMENÍ (50 years of Universal Female Suffrage) and “ANDORRA 1970 - 2020” complete the design. These inscriptions are also incorporated into the movement of the lines in a way, in order to give more importance to the anniversary that is being commemorated.

Subject of commemoration

50 years of Universal Female Suffrage

Date of issue


Issuing country


Coin image

50 years of Universal Female Suffrage

Official Journal

2020/C 301/06

Issuing volume