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The 60th anniversary of Asterix


For 60 years, Asterix has been a true icon of the French culture. Created in 1959 by scenarist René Goscinny and cartoonist Albert Uderzo, this character embodies the Frenchman with his smartness and sharpness through the Gallic identity. Apart from its artistic line, depicting contemporary society with humour, Asterix has gained a great international notoriety for many years. Since its inception, it has been translated into all the languages of the European Union meeting a huge success. The reputation of Asterix is for example as strong in Germany as in France. It has also been very well established in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Scandinavia for many years. Beyond the French icon, Asterix has become a true figure of the European 9th art.

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The 60th anniversary of Asterix

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The 60th anniversary of Asterix

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