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Malta's Independence 1964


The coin commemorating the Malta Independence constitution of 1964 is the fourth in the series of five coins that commemorate constitutional milestones in Maltese history. By means of the 1964 constitution Malta became an independent nation for the first time after hundreds of years of foreign domination. The national side of the coin shows a detail of the bronze monument commemorating Independence which was designed by the artist Gianni Bonnici in 1989. It shows a young woman, representing Malta, carrying the Maltese flag. At the right, in semi-circle, the inscription "MALTA – Independence 1964" and at the bottom the year of issuance "2014".

Subject of commemoration

Malta's Independence 1964

Date of issue


Issuing country


Coin image

Malta's Independence 1964 coin

Official Journal

C 383 29.10.2014

Issuing volume