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Rugby World Cup France 2023

Rugby World Cup France 2023


Issuing country


Subject of commemoration

Rugby World Cup France 2023


The design represents a stylized rugby player making a pass. In the background, the rugby field is the globe on which the rugby goalposts are placed. The set is part of an imaginary rugby galaxy where the other planets are oval. The emblem of the competition is inserted next to the player, while the name of the competition surrounds the design. The indication of the issuing country “RF”, the mintmark and the mint master mark are inserted under the image on the right-hand side. The name of the competition, the issuing country “FRANCE” and the year “2023” are inserted on the left hand side. The name of the competition surrounding the design, as well as and the “RF” mention appear in the official font of the event, called Mobius.

The coin’s outer ring depicts the 12 stars of the European flag.

Issuing volume

15 000 000 coins

Date of issue

June 2023

Official Journal

25 JULY 2023
2023/C 262/04
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