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Economy and Finance

Report on Public Finances in EMU 2018


Institutional Paper 095
Publication date
24 January 2019
Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs


This annual report presents a review of key policy developments and analytical findings in the area of public finances. This year's edition also looks at the impact of economic fluctuations on fiscal policy, provides a quantitative analysis of fiscal outcomes in a fiscal rules-based framework, and presents a novel overview of financial and non-financial assets owned by the public sector.

Information and identifiers

Institutional Paper 095. January 2019. Brussels. PDF. 196pp. Tab. Graph. Bibliogr. Free.

KC-BC-19-002-EN-N (online)
ISBN 978-92-79-98842-4 (online)
ISSN 2443-8014 (online)
doi:10.2765/890835 (online)

JEL classification: C32, C33, C50, E02, E6, E62, H10, H20, H5, H50, H6, H60, H62, H63, H68, H82


European Economy Institutional Papers are important reports analysing the economic situation and economic developments prepared by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs, which serve to underpin economic policy-making by the European Commission, the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament. Views expressed in unofficial documents do not necessarily represent the views of the European Commission.

Report on Public Finances in EMU 2018


24 JANUARY 2019
Report on Public Finances in EMU 2018
24 JANUARY 2019
Part I - Public finances in EMU
24 JANUARY 2019
Part II - Recent developments in the fiscal surveillance framework
24 JANUARY 2019
Part III - The conduct of fiscal policy in the face of economic shocks
24 JANUARY 2019
Part IV - Fiscal outcomes in the EU in a rules-based framework – new evidence
24 JANUARY 2019
Part V - Overview of public financial and non-financial assets