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Belgium - National Productivity Board

The National Productivity Board was officially installed in Belgium on 14 May 2019, following the approval of the law of 25 November 2018 that established it. The Board has the mission to examine the development of productivity and competitiveness in Belgium, as well as the impact and implementation of the recommendations formulated by the European institutions in this respect. In particular, the tasks of the National Productivity Board are to:

  • conduct diagnoses and analyses of the productivity and competitiveness developments in Belgium.
  • carry out analyses of policy challenges in the area of productivity and competitiveness.
  • evaluate the impact of policy options in the areas mentioned above.

The National Productivity Board is charged with the preparation of an annual report and its presentation to trade unions and employer’s organizations prior to its final publication.

Belgium’s National Productivity Board, which has an independent structure, is composed of twelve members, six at federal and six at regional level. The federal institutions (the Central Economic Council, the Federal Planning Bureau and the National Bank of Belgium) are each represented by two members. At regional level, the Flemish, Brussels and Walloon region are each represented by two members. Each member is appointed for a period of four years, renewable. The Federal Public Service Economy provides secretarial support

Annual report

12 OCTOBER 2021
Belgium - National Productivity Board - Annual Report 2021
11 DECEMBER 2020
Belgium - National Productivity Board - Annual Report 2020
(953.85 KB - PDF)
19 DECEMBER 2019
Belgium - National Productivity Board - Annual Report 2019
(848.17 KB - PDF)