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Finland – National Competitiveness Council

The Productivity Board is an independent expert body operating in connection with the Ministry of Finance. It is the Board’s responsibility to monitor the development of productivity and competitiveness of the Finnish economy, and to regularly provide and publish independent evaluations of it. The Board prepares financial reports and estimates concerning the developments in income and expenditure.  It also takes part in the discussion and exchange of information with the productivity boards of other EU Member States and the EU Economic Policy Committee. In carrying out its task, the Board can develop the means of financial assessment and measurement as well as commission studies and reports. The Board has a chair and not more than six other members, each with a personal deputy. Members must have experience in assessing productivity and competitiveness.  On the basis of a proposal by the Ministry of Finance, the Government appoints the chair and members of the Board for a term of three years. The Ministry of Finance requests a proposal from the economics research institutes, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority and Bank of Finland for the six members and their personal deputy members of the Board.

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