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Greece - KEPE, Centre of Planning and Economic Research

The Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE) was founded in 1959. Andreas G. Papandreou, who was head of the economics department of the University of California, Berkeley, was its first Scientific Director and Chairman. He has been the first of many prominent economists to join KEPE.

KEPE is the largest research institute in economic sciences in Greece. It is publicly funded, yet its work is fully independent.

Its Chairman / Scientific Director and the members of the executive board are appointed by the Minister for Economy and Development.

The Centre, on its own initiative, conducts applied research projects on the Greek economy. It also carries on research upon request of ministries, regional authorities, international organizations and, occasionally, private organizations with the aim to provide technical advice on economic and social policy issues.

KEPE’s research focuses on macroeconomic analysis and forecasts, fiscal and monetary policies, human resources and social policies, sectoral and regional economic analyses and development policies.

In April 2019, the Greek government formally appointed KEPE as the National Productivity Board for Greece. The board is managed by a steering committee with a supervisory role. The committee is composed by the Scientific Director and four KEPE research fellows, one of whom heads the committee.

The main research activity at KEPE as the National Productivity Board focuses on:

  • The measurement of productivity and competitiveness
  • The identification of driving forces and impeding factors of productivity growth
  • The formulation and evaluation of policies that can enhance productivity and competitiveness at national level

Related empirical research also includes:

  • Regional and sectoral analysis of productivity
  • Assessment of reforms in the labour and product markets
  • The impact of new technologies, R&D and investment programmes
  • The relations between productivity with inclusive growth and regional convergence

Annual report

26 NOVEMBER 2021
Productivity and Competitiveness Developments: Towards a Resilient and Sustainable Growth – Report 2021
(3.01 MB - PDF)
10 NOVEMBER 2020
Greece’s annual report 2020
(3.54 MB - PDF)
15 OCTOBER 2019
The Productivity and Competitiveness of the Greek Economy – Report 2019
(2.84 MB - PDF)