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The Netherlands - Centraal Planbureau (CPB) - Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis

CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) was founded in 1945 by Jan Tinbergen, First Nobel Laureate in economics (1969). CPB does scientific research aimed at contributing to the economic decision-making process of politicians and policymakers. Research at CPB is carried out on CPB’s own initiative, or at the request of the government, parliament, individual members of parliament, national trade unions or employers' federations. CPB is a part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and its director is appointed by the Minister, in consultation with other members of the government. However, CPB is fully independent as far as the contents of its work are concerned. It also has its own legal mandate and an independent executive and advisory committee. This Central Planning Committee (CPC) is currently chaired by Hans Smits.

In April 2017, the Dutch Cabinet appointed CPB to be the National Productivity Board for the Netherlands.

The CPB research will focus on the determinants of productivity development. The empirical research will vary from international comparative research, such as on how countries are affected by a financial crisis or trade agreements, to micro-economic studies on companies or persons. CPB’s ultimate goal is to gain an understanding of both the driving forces and impeding factors of productivity growth in the Netherlands.

Annual reports

17 APRIL 2023
National Productivity Board 2022 annual report
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13 DECEMBER 2021
National Productivity Board 2021 annual report
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Other documents

20 April 2023. A simulation of energy prices and corporate profits