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Economy and Finance

Assessment of effective action

Countries in EDP are given a deadline of six months (or three for a serious breach) to comply with recommendations that provide them with a concrete path for correcting their excessive deficit within a set timeframe.

Euro area Member States that have already been sanctioned under the Preventive Arm or whose breach of the threshold values is especially serious, may also face a stricter sanction in the form of a non-interest-bearing deposit of 0.2% of GDP at this point.

Once the deadline has passed, the Commission and the Council assess the action the Member State has taken, with a view to either putting the procedure on hold or stepping it up if the Member State has not done enough.

A Member State which has taken effective action to address its excessive deficit, but where the impact on the public finances has been affected by exceptional events outside its control, may see an extension of its deadline for correction and a revision of the recommendations to reflect the change in circumstances.