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Publications prepared by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs. See publications before July 2015. See an overview of ECFIN publication series.

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  • Scientific paper
  • Anneleen Vandeplas, Istvan Vanyolos, Mauro Vigani, Lukas Vogel, Įmonių ir pramonės generalinis direktoratas

The Possible Implications of the Green Transition for the EU Labour Market

The green transition is set to accelerate over the next decade and trigger structural change in EU labour markets. The note provides descriptive evidence on regions and demographic groups expected to be most affected by shifts between sectors, firms and occupations, and discusses the policy...

  • Scientific paper
  • Simona Pojar, Įmonių ir pramonės generalinis direktoratas

Environmental Assessments within Green Budgeting

This paper presents an overview of environmental assessment practices across EU Member States, covering both ex-ante impact assessments and ex-post evaluations.

  • Scientific paper
  • Theo Aphecetche, Maria Bianchi, Guergana Stanoeva, Įmonių ir pramonės generalinis direktoratas

Global Imbalances: False Alarm or Genuine Source of Concern?

This paper analysis the latest development of global current account imbalances, also focusing on possible vulnerabilities in emerging market economies and the potential impact of climate mitigation policies on current account imbalances.

  • Report
  • Įmonių ir pramonės generalinis direktoratas

Post-Programme Surveillance Report. Greece, Autumn 2022

This report by the European Commission monitors Greece’s economic, fiscal and financial situation following the end of enhance surveillance in August 2022, and assesses the specific reform steps as set out in the 14th enhanced surveillance report.